Girl Urinating in the Street

Cute Girl Urinating on the Side Walk- Live

Cute Girl Urinating on the Side Walk Live

Cute Girl Urinating on the Side Walk -Live

On clear slightly windy day, a really cute Girl Urinating on the side walk was caught on video; while she was waiting for the bus. ThisCute Girl Urinating on the Side Walk Live beauty with fair skin, dark hair, and blue eyes is captivating.  The cute girl pissing is petite with an average figure. At the time of her public piss, she wore a dark jacket, high boots, and light colored pants.

It appears this really cute Eastern European girl, sat at the bus stop with her good friend and she began to pee.  She could not hold on any more, and you can see her pee drip between her legs. Her crotch got all drenched and a puddle of pee formed underneath her:

Cute Girl Urinating on the Side Walk

Cute Girl Urinating on the Side Walk-Another Girl looked On!

Just Off to the Side, another girl catches our cute peeing in the street. the stranger does not do anything, but just smiles.  A few men walked by, but did not see her pissing on the street. There appears to be no other onlookers at the time.

Even more curious, is our cute piss girl was not ashamed.  She did look back and forth, waved at someone, but did not not looked ashamed.

It’s unsure, what she ate for lunch, or why she was unable to control her piss.  However, what  is sure is she made a good size wet puddle on the side walk.

Why Did This Cute Girl Urinate on the Side Walk?

What one our viewers notices was she was wearing a jacket and a bit windy at the time.  And there was dry autumn leaf on the side walk.  She may have had too much to drink and it was cold, and her bladder just gave out and pissed all over the side-walk.

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