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Blonde Woman Caught Peeing on Metro Tracks

Blonde Woman Caught Peeing on Metro Tracks: Imagine riding on the Metro, and a woman pees outside the metro car onBlonde Woman Caught Peeing on Metro Tracks the tracks.  What an awkward situation seeing a woman piss on the tracks!  Are you turned-off, turn-on, intrigued, or just grossed out at seeing this blond woman pissing at the door of the Metro car?

At the start of the video, the blonde woman talks with others on the metro.  She wore a black top, yoga pants, and sandals. At the on slot, see was squirming and fidgeting.  You can easily tell on her face she was holding it in.  Her bladder was ready to explode!

Blonde Woman Caught Peeing on Metro Tracks

The scene takes place between the platform and the car.  As passengers exit the Metro’s doors, the blonde woman takes her pants down and crotches down between the subway car and the concrete walkway.  She then begins to stream her piss on the tracks.  If you zoom in and look carefully, you can spot her stream of piss as she tries to hit the tracks.

Crouched down and pissing, she smiles at passers byes.  She is not even fazed.   As she keeps pissing, the subway car’s doors begin to chime, as the doors try to close.  However, because she is in the door way, the subway’s car door can not close. Also a friendly bystander is in the way and holding back the door as she keeps on pissing.

Blonde Woman Caught Peeing on Metro Tracks

After she is done pissing on the metro track she pulls her yoga pants up with a smiles, and sits back down to talk to her people on the Metro.

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