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Learn How Women Piss in Public

Learn How Women Piss in Public- “How Can a Lady Take a Piss?”

Learn How Women Piss in Public: It’s really bad to hold it in public.  Most people don’t like urinating in public. A significant amount of the population suffers from Paruresis, finding it difficult to urinate in public, when others are around.  Paruresis believed to be one of the most common phobias.

Per Better Health Channel: “Shy Bladder,”an other name for Paruresis and second most common fear after public speaking!  It’s too bad most people don’t enjoy a good piss in public!  Read More

Top Three Reasons, Why Ladies Fear Urinating in Public!- Learn How Women Piss in Public

Free yourself ladies and learn how women piss in public; while avoid Learn How Women Piss in Publicgetting caught!  Top three reasons why Ladies fear urinating in public:

  • Ladies fear other people hearing their piss hit the toilet or toilet water.
  • Fear that another person will smell their piss and not approve.
  • Ladies fear disapproval and anxiety from others, because, they don’t want to use the same stall to piss on.

Surprisingly, most girls are pee shy.  Yes, a group of girls go to the bathroom together, but it does not mean all actually go peeing.  When a group of girls go peeing together, most girls can’t pee.  In most bar bathrooms, girls are fixing their makeup and talking.  The realty is most girls in the stalls have a hard time pissing, with other girls present. As a consequence, most girls go to the ladies room several times, but never actually piss!

Traffic Jam in the Ladies Room- How Can A Lady Take a Piss? Learn How Women Piss in Public

How can a lady take a piss, if there are traffic jams in the Ladies Room? Oh…the Humanity!  To the untrained male eye, pissing for ladies is not a group sport, but a reflection of anxiety.

Most girls share the anxiety at bars/dance clubs:

  • The anxiety of looking hot enough!
  • The fear if they should go with a guy, and be called out a slut. Learn How Women Piss in PublicApproval or disapproval of her friends.
  • Fear, that their makeup is bad and they smell ok.
  • Anxiety, that the man is dangerous or a stalker.
  • Fear of not fitting in.
  • Anxiety, that you spent too much money on makeup, and have no money for a $20 entrance or $15 drink.
  • Fear a guy will try to drug you!

With all that stress built up, the girl will have a hard time urinating in the ladies room.  As a consequence, after closing time, you will see girls pissing on the side walk or parking lot of your favorite dance club!

Women Can’t Pee Outside a Toilet is a Total Myth- Learn How Women Piss in Public

Most girls, really don’t know how to pee outside of a toilet. Most girls at some point in their lives have to learn how to piss outside of a toilet.   The myth that woman can’t pee outside a toilet is a total lie!

She just has to crouch down on her legs. Separate her legs, and lean to take a piss.  She can piss the parking lot, in a park, on the side walk, or on dirt.

In most cases, a girl needs to find a safe but semi-private area to take a piss.  It’s always nice for a girl to take a piss, where she has her back to a wall.

Pants are difficult for a girl to take a piss.  For most girls a skirt is handy for taking a public piss.

American Women Free to Pee in Public? Learn How Women Piss in Public

In  most countries, urinating in public is no big deal, and men get a way with it all the time.  However, in most countries a woman urinating in public is a taboo, even in the US!

In fact pissing in public in most American cities is a crime! Even for an independent American female pissing in public is a crime and taboo.  Not only are we in a police state, but we are a very uptight society.

In our American society, urinating in public is just considered “obscene.” Most Americans believe public urination is disgusting and gross.  Local police across America, hand-out tickets for public urination, and it’s a big money maker for them.

HOW TO PISS IN PUBLIC- On the Street Pissing Technique- Learn How Women Piss in Public

There are many ways to piss on the street.  However, there are great secretive tips to pissing in public. Tips to piss in public and hide your pissing from the cops.

Three Techniques to Piss in Public- Learn How Women Piss in Public

Based on the video How To Piss in Public” by Rooster Worldwide, your cell phone is part of the tools needs to piss in public.

  1. Pissing in the Cup: It’s suggested to get or carry a used cup from the trash can.  Yes, you can recycle cups form the trash can and piss in them.  You put your private parts slightly over the cup as you raise your other hand with a cell phone. As you piss, you pretend to have a conversation.  The louder your fake conversation on the cell phone, the greater the distraction from your pissing in the cup.
  2. Pissing in the Newspaper Tube:  You rollup a newspaper and you put against your exposed private parts; while, you raise your other hand with a cell phone. As you piss, you pretend to have a conversation.  The louder your fake conversation, the better distraction by others.
  3. Learn how to Piss under the Car: You slide half your torso under the car, talk with passer byes, as though you as giving advice, and you take a piss.

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Three Techniques to Piss in Public—Pee Where ever You Like- For Women who Just want to Piss!

  • Piss Tip for Women Getting in a Circle:  It helps if she is wearing a skirt. It helps, if her friends form a circle, as known as a “curtain of piss.”  She crouches down and takes a wet one.
  • The Stretch Piss Tip for Women:   The lady demonstrates by stretching, you basically lift a leg and let it out.

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