People Urinating in Public
Suspects Can't Hold it Public

Suspects Can’t Hold it in Public-Female Suspects Are Ready to Piss!

On a hot summer night, in Hawthorne, CA, suspects can’t hold it in public. The scene appears on an urban street, with young people pulled over and held by cops.

After handcuffed, the suspects demonstrate holding it in public.  Suspects Can't Hold it PublicSome of the girls twist their legs, demonstrating bladder cramps and showing a need to take a piss.

In the video there appears young adults, handcuffed, and in a field line up.  It all started with the fat Mexican girl suggesting she needed to urinate.  The fat Mexican girl, wore a black top and white shorts. All the while, it appears the fat Mexican girl’s bladder was ready to explode at any time!

Subsequently, the second female on the side walk, her foot started to shake and wiggle, indicating she’s was ready to take the mother of all pisses!


Suspect Can’t Hold it Public-Female Suspects Are Ready to Piss!

From a distance, it’s really difficult to see if the girls were ready to take a piss on the side walk or if they were just nervous.  Also, the suspects might hold their bladders filed coupled with nerves.  On the other hand, it could be they were getting the chills, combine with a full bladder, and they needed to pee.

Another idea, is the suspects were faking that they wanted to urinate so they could be let go.  While, maybe the suspects were trying to pull a fast  one on the comps.

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