People Urinating in Public
Girl Pees in Men's Room

Woman Pees in Men’s Room

Women Pees in Men’s Room: Imagine you are at a ball game, you want to take a piss, go to theGirl Peeing in Men's Room, Woman Pees in Men's Room men’s room, and you see a cute girl peeing in the men’s room.   Watch how the urinals filled with guys urinating, and in one of those urinals a cute young girl is peeing.  Wow…Really hard to believe!  She does not appear to be drunk, but desperate to unload herself in the men’s urinals!

Brunette Pees in Men’s Room- Women Pees in Men’s Room

The young brunette wore a black top, shorts, and sneakers; while carrying a drink.

At an NFL Game a drunk blonde girl, dropped her shorts, and urinated in the men’s room. At the time she wore a pink top and blue shorts.  You can see her butt crack as she pisses.  She used one her hands to hold herself up, against the wall; while she urinated and held her $16 stadium beer.

Woman at NFL Game Pisses in Men’s Room- Women Pees in Men’s Room

In another instance a drunk blonde woman was in the men’s room.  You can see her talking to the guys and having fun.  She then walks into the stall to take a piss.

Girls at Brittany Spears Concert are in Men’s room- Women Pees in Men’s Room

At a Brittany Spears concert, several girls take over the men’s bathroom.  The main girl talks to friends about using the urinals. Sure it’s an awkward situation, but they are having fun.

Asian Girl pees in Men’s Room-Women Pees in Men’s Room

Even more awkward was an Asian girl in a yellow blouse, jeans, and black panties took a piss in Dodger’s stadium, in the men’s urinal.  She approached the long urinal, turned around, and dropped her small black panties.   As she was bent over pissing, she was drinking her $18 stadium beer.  She asked the man to the side, if he can hold her drink, and he did with his unwashed hands.

As she lifts her shorts, her vagina is exposed to the camera, but later blocked out during editing.

What appears to be a young Hispanic girl goes into a men’s room and makes other men uncomfortable.  Wearing a green blouse, kakis, a tall girl with long dark hair walks next to men and begins to imitate pissing.

As she passes some men in the men’s room, some men are taken a back, because, they think they are in the ladies room. She is very obvious.  Some men laugh and others just walk away.

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